Collection of complete newspaper articles written by Tushar.
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Tushar's own blog in Marathi and English.
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येथल्या दरिदरित हिंडते मराठी
Blog on various travelling spots in Maharashtra state.
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Force that drives computer
A blog on Operating system and open source softwares.
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» Computer Organization
» Processor Architecture and Interfacing
» Operating Systems
» Management Informtion System
» Programming Paradigms
» Programming in C
» Object Oriented Programming
» Data Structures
» Computer Graphics
» Computer Architecture & Maintainance
» Microprocessor and Interfacing Techniques
» Java Programming
» Advanced Java Programming
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Programming in C
It covers from the basic concept to pointers in C.
Download first edition of this book from here.

Advanced Java Programming
A perfect guide of Advanced Java Programming.
Download first edition of this book from here.