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येथल्या दरिदरित हिंडते मराठी
Blog on various travelling spots in Maharashtra state.
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Force that drives computer
A blog on Operating system and open source softwares.
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» Computer Organization
» Processor Architecture and Interfacing
» Operating Systems
» Management Informtion System
» Programming Paradigms
» Programming in C
» Object Oriented Programming
» Data Structures
» Computer Graphics
» Computer Architecture & Maintainance
» Microprocessor and Interfacing Techniques
» Java Programming
» Advanced Java Programming

This is a series of books named the ‘The Geeta of C’ containing 18 volumes in regard with the following necessity:
  1. 1. C is created in the years of 1970-1972. But still we are using this language to learn. Because, this is the strongest system programming language existing till date.

  2. 2. This is the language which contains almost all the features of the programming languages except object oriented programming.

  3. 3. Influence of the C programming is shown in almost every aspect of the computer world including System Programming, Hacking, Virus Programming, Games Programming, Multimedia, Graphics, Embedded Systems, Network, Hardware Interfacing and Database etc.

  4. 4. The modern language such as Java does not contain the ability of System Programming so it can import these features from C programming language by creating the interface between them.

  5. 5. Learning process of object oriented languages such as C++ and Java requires the knowledge of C programming in order to fulfill basics needs of writing a computer program.

  6. 6. Windows device drivers as well Linux system programs are written in C programming language. These two are the modern operating systems competing to each other in the computer world.

  7. 7. All the technical boards and Universities which contain computer science stream have included the C programming mandatory for their students.

  8. 8. There is no any single book in series and linking the knowledge to study the programming in C thoroughly.

  9. 9. These set of books will form a great reference for all type of the subjects studied in the stream of engineering and technology. In order to fulfill these above needs I want to give my technical knowledge that I got through research in C towards the learners all over the world. I am dividing my work of C programming in volumes as per given below. So, the handling of the books will be easy and they will give brief knowledge on each topic of the programming in C. I have summarized the contents that each books will contain as given below:

    • » Brief introduction of the topic with at least one example on it.
    • » Explanation with certain graphical diagrams and tables wherever necessary.
    • » Hidden Bits: It will explore some hidden information regarding each topic. This information is not given anywhere such as in books or on internet.
    • » Each chapter will contain 20 objective questions and 20 programming problems for exercise. The solution will be provided at the end of the book.
    • » Rectify It: This section will contain some examples which may or may not contain the errors. Readers have to rectify the errors from it. The solution will also be provided at the end of the book.
    • » Search Project: A problem regarding this will be given at the end of the book. Readers should have to complete this search project from any type of sources available.

    Entire volumes’ structure
    Volume 1. Basics of C Programming
    Volume 2. Pointers
    Volume 3. File Handling and Management
    Volume 4. Data Structures
    Volume 5. Computer Graphics
    Volume 6. Mathematics and Puzzlers
    Volume 7. TSR Writing
    Volume 8. Assembly Language Programming
    Volume 9. DOS Programming
    Volume 10. Database Programming
    Volume 11. Interrupt Programming
    Volume 12. Programming VGA
    Volume 13. Multimedia Programming
    Volume 14. Game Programming
    Volume 15. Embedded Programming
    Volume 16. Network Programming
    Volume 17. System Programming
    Volume 18. Viruses and Hacking


Programming in C
It covers from the basic concept to pointers in C.
Download first edition of this book from here.

Advanced Java Programming
A perfect guide of Advanced Java Programming.
Download first edition of this book from here.