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» Processor Architecture and Interfacing
» Operating Systems
» Management Information System
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Management Information System

Power point presentations of Management Information System are uploaded on the following link. These are created for this subject of University of Pune (Class: Third year Information Technology) as per 2008 pattern.

  1. Overview of Syllabus
    Complete overview of the syllabus of this subject according to units and marks allotted to these respective units.

  2. Foundation of Information Systems
    Introduction to information system, its framework, components, attributes, need, objectives, categories, classification of information system.

  3. Management Information Systems
    Concepts, functions, logical view, physical view, definitions, role, impact of MIS. Functions of management, MIS as control system, MIS as a support to management, Goals, objectives and targets.

  4. Management of Business
    Concepts of corporate planning, dimensions of planning, strategic planning, business strategies, formulation model, types of strategies, types of planning, tools for planning, sensitivity analysis, modeling.

  5. Decision Support System
    Problem solving, decision making, Herbert Simon�s model of decision making, decision support system, types of DSS, what-if analysis, goal seeking analysis, mathematical modeling, group decision support system, group support systems.

  6. Data Warehousing and Data mining
    DSS database requirements, data warehouse and its types, data marts, OLAP, data mining and its phases.

  7. Expert Systems
    Expert system architecture with examples, artificial intelligence system and its categories, knowledge based expert systems.

  8. Geographical Information System
    Context and content, different worlds, what is GIS, who uses it and how it works? Data representation, GIS used for decision making.

  9. E-commerce
    What is e-commerce? Examples, process model, types, e-business, government and e-commerce such as G2C, C2G, G2G etc.

  10. Electronic payment system
    Electronic payment system and its types, electronic bills, e-payment channels, instruments, components, e-payment risks, secure payment and solutions, authentication models.

  11. M-commerce
    What is m-commerce? From customer and providers, technology standards, infrastructure, mobile computing, revenue generation, applications, financial tools, process, limitations and risks in m-commerce.

  12. E-governance
    What is e-governance? Governance vs. government, IT framework, ICT contribution, requirements, Indian initiatives, NeGP and challenges, Indian perspectives.

  13. Customer Relationship Management
    CRM and its phases, relationship marketing, CRM configuration, tools, Barne�s 4 Rs, types of CRM, importance and objectives, different approaches to CRM.

  14. Supply Chain Management
    Concepts of SCM, process view, integrated view, function facilitated by, benefits, examples of SCM.

  15. Applications of MIS (Manufacturing Sector)
    Model of information processing system, applications in personnel management (HR management, production management, financial management, material management, marketing management.

  16. Applications of MIS (Service Sector)
    Principles of service, service process cycle, service management system applications in airlines, hotels, hospitals, banking, insurance and education sectors.

  17. Cross Functional Enterprise systems
    e-commerce vs. e-business, Cross Functional Enterprise systems, application framework, system architecture, collaboration system, Enterprise Application Integration, transaction processing system.

  18. Enterprise Management System
    Enterprise Management Systems (EMS): Introduction, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems: Basic features, benefits, selection, implementation, EMS and MIS.

  19. Business Process Outsourcing
    What is BPO? Aim and motivating factors, objectives, categories, types and impact of BPO, call centers and its types, BPO in India, advantages, demerits and challenges.

  20. IT Enabled services
    What is ITES? Objectives, challenges, opportunities, advantages of ITES, ITES in India.

  21. Security and Ethical Challenges
    Information security, ethics in IT, intellectual property rights, computer crime, cyber-crime, cyber criminals, modes, classifications, statutory provisions, IT act, hacking, cyber theft, software piracy and copyrights, copyright acts, patents, health issues.

  22. Disaster management
    Disaster management plan, system audit and controls, contingency management and its process.

  23. Global Management of Information Technology
    Managing IT at global level, global IT platforms, global data access,


Programming in C
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