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Collection of complete newspaper articles written by Tushar.
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Tushar's own blog in Marathi and English.
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येथल्या दरिदरित हिंडते मराठी
Blog on various travelling spots in Maharashtra state.
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Force that drives computer
A blog on Operating system and open source softwares.
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» Computer Organization
» Processor Architecture and Interfacing
» Operating Systems
» Management Informtion System
» Programming Paradigms
» Programming in C
» Object Oriented Programming
» Data Structures
» Computer Graphics
» Computer Architecture & Maintainance
» Microprocessor and Interfacing Techniques
» Java Programming
» Advanced Java Programming

Tushar B Kute is a teacher, trainer, data scientist, ML engineer, author, writer, trekker, blogger, open source follower, journalist etc etc. He is a graduate in Computer Engineering from College of Engineering Pune. Currently, he is currently working as Data Scientist at MITU Research and trainer at MITU Skillologies, Pune.

As Tushar is strong supporter of Linux and open source technology, he believes his motto "Windows of Knowledge are wide and Open". So he has made his complete self-made teaching and learning material available online. You may visit the links of these pages on this site. The subjects include Microprocessors, Microcontroller, Operating System, Computer Organization, Data Structures, Programming Paradigms etc. His area of interest includes Computer Architecture, Linux Programming and Kernel Development.

Beyond technology, he is a passionate writer. He has been writing the articles in many Marathi, English newspapers since year 2000. These articles are available on the link "अभिव्यक्ति" on home page. He has written series of Technical articles on 'History of Computing' in leading north Maharashtra Marathi language newspaper 'Gavkari' named ‘Bits and Bytes’. The book with the same name is published in the year 2012 by Nitin Prakashan, Pune. He is also the author of best selling book on Java Programming named "Core Java Programming : A Practical Approach" published by University Science Press, New Delhi.

Tushar is also a trekker. He is follower of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. He likes to travel and find the beauty of Maharashtra state. His thoughts on various traveling spots in Maharashtra can be seen on the link "येथल्या दरिदरित हिंडते मराठी" on the home page. Currently, he is writing the fortnightly Marathi column named "कडे कपारी" in daily Divya Marathi. These articles can be found on the same link.

Tushar is author of several blogs written for different subjects. His prime blog is "विज्ञानेश्वरी". Besides this he is also writing Hindi blog named "स्थितप्रज्ञ". He is author of collaborative blog "Sandip Information Technology Research Collaboration" aka itsitrc. He is also writing blog on Operating System named "Force that drives Computer" and Microprocessor & Microcontroller named "Digital Locha". The blog on programming named "Kyamputar" is also authored by him!

He is an enthusiastic fan of Marathi films, Marathi & South Indian music, and Indian Literature. He strongly believes that the human-kind itself has made our own life beautiful. The super-humans in their respective fields have impressed him to be a dedicator for our own work. He believes that no one is perfect and everyone has ability to be perfect. Knowledge is the best identity of the person, which he should gain always in order to stand still in this world.

He is a passionate reader of computers/technology, linguistics, science, political science, and Indian language literature. He has amazed by the writing skills of many of the writers in technology and Indian language literature. Everybody should make himself to learn from all situations. Currently, he is trying to make many of his own authored books freely available on internet. He has made these in ebooks format.

He believes himself as Eklavya of many technical authors on various computing technologies. He has a strong hand support of his wife Rashmi, his Father, Mother, his brothers Amit, Amol and his beloved family members as well as friends with him.

This site is an attempt to put whatever little he has been able to do in different fields in a slightly better organized manner. If you want to know about him and his areas of work, then you can find it in the links provided on this web page. You can see his complete efforts on the home page of this site.
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Programming in C
It covers from the basic concept to pointers in C.
Download first edition of this book from here.

Advanced Java Programming
A perfect guide of Advanced Java Programming.
Download first edition of this book from here.